Most of the vines under the “Appellation” in Cahors are planted on three different soil types. The vineyards in Parnac, the picturesque village enclosed by a meander in the river Lot, is no exception.
Le vignoble

  • The soil is part clay, part silica on the first plantations, which are protected to the north by the overhang of the plateau, a 200 meters high cliff created by the river.
  • The second soil type is a mixture of clay deposit and limestone outcrop, with a pebbly subsoil.
  • The third plantations are on scree-covered slopes, made up of both limestone originating from the plateau, and pebbles carried by the river.

Having mostly been replanted from 1965-1975, the vineyard is today at its peak, able to totally express the nuances of taste from each of its soils.

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